Swiftwater tells an adventurous and romantic story of broken hearts and the journey back to love.  Funny, surprising and honest...Swiftwater follows Jack Grant on an emotional rollercoaster that throws him back and forth between his fading A-list Hollywood life - and the new life that's found him.

 Carmel International Film Festival - Winner - Best Original Screenplay 2014 
 Austin Film Festival - 2nd Round Quarterfinal
 The Turnaround is a cold case mystery steeped in the noir of the 1960's Memphis blues world. Detective Eva Reese is pulled into one family's long-buried secrets and a web of lies.  Sultry and dangerous, the story she uncovers explodes in a jawdropping twist.

Carmel International Film Festival - Winner - Best Original Screenplay 2013
   [Blacklist  8]
  The Light reveals an original and heartwarming story of a girl and her horse, with a high concept twist.  Clara's 'perfect life' begins to evaporate around her when the young equestrian undergoes a procedure to reverse her blindness. She fights to hang on to her dreams in the 'not so perfect' real world.
  Austin Film Festival - 2nd Round Quarterfinal
 (Theory) is a supernatural thriller that strands John Briggs, a high level US security  advisor, in the middle of an experimental program to create superior soldiers. When  he discovers the experiment is out of control, he's left to fend for himself against a  new enemy.  

  Austin Film Festival - 2nd Round Quarterfinal
 War/Love follows a dark journey into the stereotypes and justifications for war, adultery and love. 

 Nicholl Fellowship - Semifinalist 2013 - Top 50; Quarterfinalist  2015
 Austin Film Festival - Semifinalist 2013
Final Draft - Big Break - Quarterfinalist 2014  --  Scriptapalooza - Semifinalist 2016
Omaha Film Festival - Finalist 2017 --  Nashville Film Festival - Finalist 2017
Napa Valley Film Festival - Finalist 2017
 The Money Flight delivers on big-screen action and memorable characters. When commercial airline pilot Mitch Reynolds turns down a bribe from a dangerous  international cartel, his wife is abducted as retaliation. Desperate, Mitch turns the tables...and with a few clever moves he has a flight full of cartel couriers and $50 million dollars.

Final Draft - Big Break - Top 3 Action Script 2014 
PAGE International Screenwriting Competition - Top 10 Finalist 2015
Austin Film Festival - 2nd Round Quarterfinal 2016
PAGE International Screenwriting Competition - Semifinal 2016...
Legendary actress, Olivia Vanguard, has only one regret: she never won the Oscar. When a red-carpet taunt lures her from seclusion and back into the spotlight, she discovers the double edged sword of social media can cut both ways...and might just be the perfect stage. 
Austin Film Festival - First Three Pages Live! - 2018